Online Indian Film Festival - 7-9 May 2021

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The Indian Films Division is organizing a Film Festival to celebrate the birth centenary of legendary film maker, Satyajit Ray from 7th to 9th May, 2021 on FD website at .  

The following 11 films are uploaded on the Vimeo link: : 

Title of films:

1. Rabindranath Tagore (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Films Division)
2. Inner Eye (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Films Division)
3. Creative Artists of India : Satyajit Ray (Dir: B.D.Garga, Pro: Films Division)
4. Satyajit Ray (Dir: Shyam Benegal, Pro: Films Division)
5. Bala (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: NCPA)
6. Ray (Dir: Goutam Ghose, Pro: Govt. of West Bengal)
7. Sukumar Ray(Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Govt. of West Bengal)
8. Sadgati (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Doordarshan) tele-film
9. Two (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Esso World Theatre / Ray Society)
10. Pikoo (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: French Television / Ray Society)
11. Feluda – 50 years of Ray Detective (Dir & Pro :Saignik Chatterjee)

Vimeo link of films :

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