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Journalist Visa

Eligibility: All foreign journalists, regardless of the purpose of their visit, should apply for a “J” (journalist) visa, for up to three months' stay in India. “Journalists” for this purpose would include a professional journalist, columnist, cartoonist, editor, photographer, film producer or director (other than that of commercial films), a representative of a radio and/or television organization, travel writer/travel promotion photographer etc or any professional journalist/owner working for an association or a company engaged in the production or broadcast of audio visual news or current affairs programmes through the print, electronic or any other electronic form. All such applicants are required to apply along with a letter from their organization describing clearly the job title of the applicant and the nature of their work and whether they are travelling on work or as tourists.

How to apply:

> e-Visa facility is not available for Journalist Visa.

 Apply for a regular (paper sticker) Journalist Visa by filling the online application at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html and submit a printout of the application along with the following documents at the Embassy of India Athens.

Documents Required: 

1. Printed Visa Application form signed in blue, as per signature on passport with uploaded photo.

2. Original Passport with at least 2 continuous blank pages, in good condition.

3. Two photocopies of Passport pages with details.

4. Photocopy of previous Indian Visa if any.

5. Two recent identical colored photographs, with 5 cm x 5cm dimensions, on white background with 70% of face zoom.

6. In case the applicant holds a 2nd Nationality Passport, a photocopy of passport page with details.

7. Proof of availability of sufficient funds for the expenses in India

8. Copy of flight ticket booking/reservation.

9. Assignment letter in original issued by the media organization stating the purpose of travel and detailed programme and the places to be visited for journalism purposes.

10. List of cinematic equipment to be temporarily imported into India.

11. If the purpose of visit is to shoot/film a documentary in India, the following should also be provided:

(i) Application form for shooting a documentary in India. (click here for download);
ii) Undertaking in the prescribed format (click here for download);
iii) Script / Synopsis;
iv) Details of locations where documentary is proposed to be filmed;

12. Photocopy of Journalist card along with original journalist card.

Journalistic Visa Fees along with Bank Charges w.e.f. 01.04.2024 (for Greek nationals)


Visa Type and Period

No. of Entries


in €

Bank Charges for digital payment

Greek Bank Cards

(Visa, Master, Maestro)

Non-Greek Bank Cards (Visa, Master, Maestro)



Upto 6 months

Single Entry  (or Double Entry with special approval)




ICWF Charges on Visa Services


ICWF Charges
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Bank Charges for all payees (in €)


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Journalist Visa




Click here for Journalist Visa Fee Schedule applicable for non-Greek nationals.