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Student Visa

Eligibility: Student visas are given to Bonafide students to pursue regular studies at recognized educational institutions in India. Valid for the period of study as approved by the educational/recognized institution in India.

Students sponsored by AIESEC for project based work in companies/industries are eligible for business visa and those going for community/social services are granted entry visa.

Student visa is granted to students who have been admitted to Recognized Universities/Institutions in India to pursue the regular studies or to pursue the specific courses. The visa can be issued for the duration of course for a maximum period of 5 years.

Normally for student visa the clearance from India is required, hence the applicants are advised to apply well in advance. 

Registration with concerned Foreigner’s Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) is mandatory within 14 days of arrival in India, if period of stay is more than 180 days. 

Full time or part time employment is completely prohibited in case of a student visa.

How to apply:

> e-Visa facility is not available for Student Visa.

Apply for a regular (paper sticker) Student Visa by filling the online application at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html and submit a printout of the application along with the following documents at the Embassy of India Athens. 

Documents Required:

  • Printed Visa Application form, signed in blue, as per signature on passport. 
  • Original Passport with at least 2 continuous empty pages, in good condition. 
  • Two photocopies of Passport pages with details. 
  • Two recent identical colored photographs, with 5 cm x 5cm dimensions, on white background with 70% of face zoom.
  • One photocopy of previous Indian Visa, if exists, with stamps of exit/entrance. One photocopy of previous passport’s page with details, in case the visa was pasted there.
  • Original admission letter as a proof of admission to a full time course. 
  • Recognised University/Institution/ School – Copy of Certificate of Registration
  • A certificate that the family has enough financial resources to sustain the cost burden in India (tuition fees and the stay in India ) is required.
  • A receipt of fees paid to the school/university/institution.
  • In addition to above in case of exchange programme, an exchange of student agreement between the two institutions is required.

    Student Visa Fees along with Bank Charges w.e.f. 01.04.2024 (for Greek Nationals)


    Visa Type and Period

    No. of Entries


    in €

    Bank Charges for digital payment

    Greek Bank Cards

    (Visa, Master, Maestro)

    Non-Greek Bank Cards (Visa, Master, Maestro)



    Valid for duration of the course or 5 years whichever is less

    Multiple Entry




    ICWF Charges on Visa Services


    ICWF Charges
    (in €)

    Bank Charges for all payees (in €)


    (in €)

    Student Visa




    Click here for Student Visa Fee Schedule applicable for non-Greek nationals.